Fitness in Freeport

Fitness in Freeport

Fitness in Freeport Fitness in Freeport Fitness in Freeport

Functional Movement Workshop

Join Sarah on Sunday, February 23rd from 11 am-1pm for a workshop on function.  Learn to breath, open the body and feel better through movement.

Practice poses, exercises and techniques to use in your daily life Walk away with the tools to practice on your own and make lasting changes to how your body feels!

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Our philosophy at Freeport Fitness is to create a space where the community can come together to move. We should live our lives being thankful for our ability to move and breathe through challenges. Our instructors take you through a journey of building your physical well being. We strive to take you away from the daily stress and release it in your workout. We will hope you come in to pedal, stretch and move your worries away. All our classes are open to everyone at every skill level. We will help you through every class. 

Come show yourself gratitude for being able to move! 

*conditions apply for free trial class 



Why take Barre?

Barre workouts help to improve posture, balance, strength and flexibility throughout the body. As we systematically work through the class, the body is challenged in a way that builds endurance and stamina - often giving the muscles a shaky feeling, letting you know you're working hard. These targeted workouts can help to realign the body and support a healthy back leaving you feeling healthier and stronger all over.

Come give Barre a try!

4 Week Learn to Spin Course

Learn the basics and build confidence on the bike! 30 minutes of beginner spin Tuesdays from 7:30am-8am starting March 10th. 


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