Fitness in Freeport

Fitness in Freeport

Fitness in FreeportFitness in FreeportFitness in Freeport

Our Nutrition Program

Holistic Care

We take time to listen to what your goals are. Understanding what health concerns you have any finding solutions. We focus on using alternative medicines and food to heal our bodies from the toxins we get daily.

Long Term

We use science based theories on nutrition and move away from fad diets. Instead of taking large jumps, you will get weekly goals towards a healthy lifestyle. You will be taking out unhealthy habits and replacing them with healthy ones.  

Body Positive

You will experience a environment that works to get rid of guilt and shame from negative body image talk. We don't use weight, BMI scales or measurements. It is about becoming a well being through feeling better daily. Helping you gain energy, feeling more confident in yourself and reaching life goals is our main goal. 


Please see your doctor before going on any nutrition or diet plan